Then & Now

“Life must go on, yes, but in the end — after the end — life was not important, just pictures on a screen, absorbing for as long as they lasted, causing us to weep and laugh, perhaps, but when the images are gone we step out blinking into the light.”

Stephen Volk, Whitstable

24th July 2018

I set up to capture a picture of Life and the Social Interaction of Whitstable High Street. The movements of people, dogs and cars that all creates the vibe of the bustling street scene. With camera mounted on tripod I fitted a black stop-down filter to kill the strong midday sun.  This reduce the camera speed down to create the ghosting effect of anything that moved while retaining crisp detail of the static. The idea was to drawer the eye towards the wall art of Her Royal Majesty taking the Corgis for walkies; this is not a Banksy, if you was to ask.

1st May 2020

I returned back to the same spot but now deep in the Coronavirus Lockdown and Social Distancing on the High Street. It has lost its vibe, lost its life and has become flattened. Even Her Royal Majesty now looks grey and lonely in her self-isolation on the wall. Boots the Chemist has changed its window display from a colourful sun cream promotion. Now a subdued thank you to key workers statement. The wet surfaces and stormy sky accentuated the oppressiveness of the national human story. This is lockdown and social distancing in our local communities.

The Oyster will remain in their beds

Whitstable is a traditional seaside town on the North Kent coast in the South-East of England. It is famous for its ‘Native Oysters’ which have been collected from beds beyond the low water mark since Roman times and still farmed today. This is celebrated at the annual Oyster Festival which takes place during the summer when the town is a popular tourist destination. In 2020 I fear that this event will not be taking place and the Oyster will remain in their beds!

During lockdown I have been living in Whitstable; photographs taken have been during my local daily exercise walk with two cameras strapped over shoulders looking to capture a moment from these strange times.

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