Photographic Product Guides


At OPENPAGE we have tried and tested to find the best latest techniques, materials and suppliers to best reproduce our Photographic Art. Therefore, both satisfying the photographers vision for their work and also will delight our customers in the quality of their purchase. We are please to partner with WhiteWall for all our high end printing requirements.

When selecting a particular piece of Photographic Art you will see a unique specification that will be displayed along side the image. The individaul product specifications would have been arrived at between the photographer and OPENPAGE. However, for some photographs there may be not just one specification, but a number of options to choose from. This may including different printing methods, sizes, framing and other available products for the piece.

These photographic product guides are to help you understand the some of the differences in materials, methods and product specifications, as these all have a bearing on pricing. Please select from the left hand menu on this page to access the information from the different subject categories. If in any dough, please do not hesitate to contact us and we help you through.

Things have changed somewhat from those red light days in the darkroom. It’s all become much brighter with WhiteWall.


The above Geometric Pattern created from the combination of these two original photographs by Chris Page


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