Fuji Crystal Pro Archive Maxima ultraHD Paper

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UltraHD Maxima Print

A photographic print is only as good as the paper it is on. Fujifilm has created a new photo paper that meets the highest standards when it comes to definition and detail reproduction. There is a good reason why exposing images on light-sensitive paper is photography’s classic printing method. It avoids halftones, meaning you will not see coloured dots even when viewing your print up close. Therefore, with ultraHD photo prints this has refined the conventional exposure process to achieve a previously unattainable level of perfection. This means we have an opportunity to work even more precisely.

Over 10% more maximum density for deeper black with finer details 21% more colour space volume for more saturated and vivid colours Increased light-resistance for longer-lasting, luminous colour.

The improved light-resistance guarantees long-lasting colours. Even if the picture is subjected to the modern LED spotlights that are becoming increasingly common. Additionally, the lab conditions for our new process remain so constant, that it almost entirely precludes any deviations upon repeat orders.

The optional white border gives your ultraHD Maxima High Gloss photo print a classic look.
White Border Widths: 1 cm – 12 cm (0.39 – 4.72 in.)

At WhiteWall, they make UltraHD Photo Prints on Professional Archive Maxima High-Gloss Paper in more than just standard sizes. They are made to your exact specifications. Select from our preset sizes from miniature to extra-large or set your own aspect ratio and dimensions.

Minimum size: 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 in.)
Maximum size: 240 x 122 cm (94 x 48 in.)

Check out the framing and mounting options available for Fuji Crystal Pro Archive Maxima ultraHD prints.

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