Ilford Baryta Black & White Paper

Brilliant White with Intense Black tones.

With baryta paper, which has been a hit with photography aficionadas for more than 140 years, WhiteWall is taking the success story of black and white photography to a new level. Traditional photo papers are made of a coated polyethylene, which makes processing them easier and quicker. The key difference of baryta paper lies in the barium sulfate (the so-called “baryta”) coating. Ultra-white with a neutral image colour, the paper is outstanding at combining brilliant white with intense black tones.

This is also reflected in the high D-max value of up to 2.3. The shades of grey are nuanced, the contours extremely sharp. Thanks to the natural brilliance of the baryta coating, optical brighteners or laminations are no longer needed. This increases the silky paper’s longevity by several decades and makes it the most durable photo paper in the world. At 315g/m², the paper is very heavy and stable. As a result of the elaborate developing and rinsing process, the baryta paper will not exactly conform to millimetre exact measurements, but a price worth paying for such beautiful prints.

  • The most durable photo paper
  • Baryta texture with a silky shimmer
  • Brilliant whites & deep blacks
  • Rich contrasts for artistic photographs

Traditional Developing

The special developing process at the photo lab turns your artistic black & white photographs into high-end baryta prints. First, the cutting-edge LightJet laser exposes your image onto the photo paper. This is followed by traditional silver halide developing, fixing and washing. Although the final wet phase precludes millimetre exact formats, the baryta paper offers so much more. Highly-sensitive panchromatic emulsion, which enhances the picture quality of black & white photos to the highest degree. Even when they originate from digital image files, meaning you can benefit from the latest photo editing options! Finally, at the end of the development process, the chemicals are washed for a particularly long time. Coated with barium sulfate, also known as “baryta”.

The Classic Style

White border are available in the classic style of photographs, it lends your black & white photo additional character and aesthetic refinement. Professional photographers use this border for a practical reason: With the border, the LightJet print on Ilford baryta paper can be inserted perfectly into a passe-partout. No part of your image is lost. In the maximum size, we can only produce your print without a white border. White border widths: 1 cm – 12 cm (3/8 – 4 3/4 in.)

Formats ranging from mini to extra-large for your Photo Print on Ilford Baryta Paper. We offer standard formats with different corner options as well as special panoramic and square.

Minimum size: 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 in.)
Maximum size: 100 x 100 cm (39.4 x 39.4 in.)

Check out the framing and mounting options available for Ilford Baryta black & white prints.

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