Framing & Mounting

Solid Wood Frames with Passe-Partout

Gallery Frames in Solid Wood

Floating Frames

Aluminium Slimline Frames

Making Photographic Prints into Framed Wall Art

When you select a piece of Photographic Framed Art you will find within its specification will be the Framing & Mounting standard options that are currently available for the printed image. Not all photographs will have this available or be limited or single selection option. If you cant find what you would like to use please feel free to contact us to see if we can make it available for your selected printed image.

With the high-quality picture frames from WhiteWall’s frame workshop, you can help your Photographic Art become even more stunning. Select a unique frame from four different frame products types and a huge selection of colours, materials, and profile widths. The following outlines the different styles and products:-

  • Solid Wood Frames with Passe-Partout.
  • Gallery Frames in Solid Wood.
  • Floating Frames.
  • Aluminium Slimline Frames.

Solid Wood Frames with Passe-Partout

The solid wood frame with passe-partout complements your photograph in a classically decorative fashion.  A passe-partout is made from the finest museum card (available in 7 colours) and puts a added focus on the image.  There are 4 main solid wood frame profiles in numerous woods, colour variations and profile size options that you are choose from.


Our passe-partouts card mounts are made from the finest, non-acidic, fade-resistant museum card stock – guaranteed to be free of wooden fibres. These mounts are produced with a bevelled edge and then set flush against the images. A total of 7 attractive passe-partout colours are available for you to choose from.

Material: Hahnemühle museum card or linen

Width: 3 – 30 cm (1.18 – 11.8 in.)

Thickness: Museum card is 1.4 mm (0.06 in.) thick, Linen passe-partouts are 2 mm (0.08 in.) thick

Frame Glass

We offer four varieties of frame glass to ensure that your photos stand out the way you want. While glossy float glass is a classic for gallery-like presentations, the matte version eliminates distracting glare. However, Acrylic glass, on the other hand, is lighter and shatter-proof. The non-reflective Mirogard museum glass by Schott is arguably the highest-quality frame glass for art presentations.

Glossy Float Glass

Matte Float Glass

Glossy Acrylic Glass

Mirogard Museum Glass


Solid Wood Frame with Passe-Partout comes ready-to-hang. Thanks to pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the back of the frame assembly. Included in the price.

Gallery Frames in Solid Wood

When presenting photographic art from edge to edge within a frame, then the Gallery Frames are the ideal method to display them. Also they are great for using with prints that have a white border included in the printing. This means that it shows the paperback ground, rather than using a passe-partout card mount.

There are 4 main solid wood gallery frame profiles in numerous woods, colour variations and profile size options that you are choose from.

Glass for Frames

Two varieties of frame glass are available in the gallery range. These ensure that photos are protected and stand out in the way you want. Acrylic glass in Glossy or Matte finish, it’s light weight, shatter-proof and cost effective.

Glossy Acrylic Glass

Matte Acrylic Glass

Hanging Gallery Frames

Gallery Solid Wood Frames comes ready-to-hang. Complete with pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the back of the frame assembly. This is included in the price.

Floating Frames

Display your photographic art the way pros do at leading art fairs, in a Floating Frame. A gap (shadow line) between the image and the solid wood or aluminium frame creates the impression your picture is levitating.

Thanks to a small gap between the frame and the edges of your image, the picture appears to float inside the frame. This gives it a unique presence. A contemporary frame for your photograph that is both elegant and subtle. The standard gap between picture and frame is 7 mm.

Floating Frame Profiles

Basel Floating Frames comes with a 7 mm gap and in two profile sizes – 15 mm & 31 mm. Tokyo Floating Frames come with a 7mm gap, 20 mm profile only.

15mm profile with 7mm gap

31mm profile with 7mm gap

15mm profile

31mm profile

Photo Mounting & Protection

There is four options as to how an Image is mounted and protected within a floating frame.

  • Acrylic Glass – Traditional photo print protected under acrylic glass.
  • Matte Acrylic Glass – As above but cuts glare and reflections.
  • Photo Print on Aluminium Dibond – Traditional photo print with a robust backing.
  • Direct Print on Aluminium Dibond – High-quality print on a sturdy metal material.

Print under Gloss Acrylic Glass

Acrylic Matte Glass with Print under

Print Mounted on to Aluminium Dibond

Aluminium Dibond with Direct Print to face

Hanging Floating Frames

Floating Frame comes ready-to-hang. Included in the price is pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the back of the frame assembly.

Aluminium Slimline Frames

Aluminium Slimline Frames are an all-round fantastic finishing touch for any acrylic glass photo print. The frame’s small width and depth bring out the best in your acrylic glass photo prints, without drawing too much attention to the frame itself. With four colours to choose from – Silver, Gold, Black, and White – you can find the frame that perfectly matches your selected image.

With the minimalistic Slimline Frame, your Acrylic Photo has a clearly defined, yet subtle border with a aluminium look. At just 1 mm, this frame is very thin, so it fits with all images. The Slimline Frame is available for all acrylic mountings with a thickness of 2 mm (1/16 in.), 4 mm (1/8 in.) or 6 mm (¼ in.). Photo prints behind glossy or matte acrylic, ultraHD prints under acrylic as well as the Metallic print under acrylic.

Slimline Profile

Thanks to the shallow depth of only 5 mm (3/16 in.) for an acrylic glass thickness of 2 mm (1/16 in.) and 7 mm (1/4 in.) for acrylic glass with a thickness of 4 mm (1/8 in.) or 6 mm (¼ in.), Slimline does not align exactly with the acrylic, meaning that the artwork protrudes out of the frame for a stunning effect.

  1. 1 mm wide aluminium case
  2. 5 mm or 7 mm deep
  3. Sophisticated aluminium look with a subtle effect

At just 3 mm (1/8 in.) thick, aluminum Dibond makes the perfect backing for your photos mounted under acrylic glass. The backing is sturdy, lightweight, and prevents all light from shining through. Therefore, the triple layer construction (2 platinum white aluminium panels sandwiching a polyethylene core) protects your photo from getting damaged or bending.

  1. Front Aluminium layer
  2. Synthetic Core
  3. Back Aluminium layer
  4. White facing to backing

Mounting & Protecting Photos

There is two options for how your Image Print is mounted and protected within a slimline frame.

  • Acrylic Glass – Traditional photo print protected by acrylic glass, gloss finish.
  • Matte Acrylic Glass – As above, but cuts glare and reflections.

Photo Print Mounted under Acrylic Glass

Photo Print Mounted under Matte Acrylic

Hanging Slimline Frames

Slimline Frames come ready-to-hang. They come as standard with practical wall-mounts on the back. You can immediately and securely hang the piece thanks to the pre-installed aluminium rails. Parallel Rail for pieces between 26 cm / 50 cm. Rectangle Rails for pieces above 50 cm in size.

Parallel Rails

Rectangle Rails

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