Large Format Photo Poster Prints

large format photo poster prints
large format prints for photographic art

Go Large at Affordable Prices

Photographic Art in an oversized formats is available at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Large Format Photo Poster Prints are a perfect choice for images that would also look stunning in traditional photographic prints.

The modern UV photo print paper from Sihl (135 g/m²) is bleached to a bright white and offers the perfect foundation for reproducing the original colours with remarkable richness. A coating ensures it is incredibly robust and resistant to changes in temperature and splashes of water. This print is therefore the ideal choice for anyone who wants to display their image in an unusual location. The 8-colour latex print from WhiteWall achieves a high colour spectrum and great longevity on this robust poster paper.

You can order your photo poster print with or without a simple white border. A white border can add extra sophistication, especially with our starter products. It will also makes it easier to frame or mat your photo at a later date. White borders available from 1 cm – 12 cm (0,39 – 4,7 in.)

Choose the size of your print: We offer standard formats from large to extra-large or create your picture in a special panoramic format.
Maximum size: 270 cm x 122 cm (106.3 x 48 in.)

Please note that theses are prints only; framing and mounting is not available.

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