South African Landscape #10 – Collectors Limited Edition Prints

South African Landscape #10

Koppie | Karoo Mudstone – Collectors Print: Limited Edition

South African Landscape #10 – Collectors Limited Edition Prints. Black & White Photograph of Mubstone koppie in the Karoo, SA. Part of a Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”.

About this piece

2005 – Karoo, South Africa

Cemetery of Fossils

I call these mudstone koppies of the Karoo, the ‘Cemetery of Fossils’, as a lot of ancient dinosaur fossils have been discovered within them. Bound together by mud, sandstone and minute quartz crystals they have a sparkling appearance in a setting sun. However, once in abundance, they are now fast eroding, soon to disappear with the piercing winds that scour them away.

Spitting Cobras

Throughout the morning the temperature in the shade was bearable – outside, a totally unbearable 54 degrees centigrade. Puff Adders, Spitting cobras and Rinkhals seek refuge in farmhouse bedrooms. But as the afternoon progressed, Nimbus arrived bringing the storm clouds of blackened blood, blotting out the moon. Temperatures went down to a sensible 45 degrees centigrade, and day succumbed to night.

Photographing with Film

The authentic nature of photographing on film is the graining that is produced in its reproductions. However this is a genuine representation of when capturing images on a Hasselblad XPan panoramic film camera.

This Black & White Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”, was originally exhibited at Nedbank, Waterfront, Cape Town in 2012.

South African Landscape #10 Collectors Limited Edition Prints


Collectors Print: Limited Edition #02

Black & White printed on Ilford Baryta paper: 315 g/m² silk finish with a 2 cm white boarder around image. Authentication Label on back of print including a printed signature of the Photographer.  Supplied within a protective photographic sleeve. Authentication Certificate included with each print purchase.

This is a unframed print.

Overall Print Size – 58 cm x 24 cm (54 cm x 20 cm image size).

Total number of Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.

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