South African Landscape #4 – Collectors Framed Limited Edition Prints

South African landscape 4 collectors framed print

Koppie | Sandstone Beast – Collectors Framed Print: Limited Edition

South African Landscape #4 – Collectors Framed Limited Edition Prints.  Black & White Photograph of Sandstone Koppie in the Eastern Free State. Part of a Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”.

About this piece

2006 – Fourieburg, South Africa

Coffee Cups and Teacups

The sandstone koppies in the Eastern Free State are 20 million years old. Many have San rock paintings of comets, elephant, giraffe and mormyrid fish, sometimes called ‘Elephant fish’. Soapstone dishes and marine shells tell you a lot about the San Bushmen travels and observations.

The roadside grass is tall, easily passing waist-length, dried out beige and Omo white; the farmers call it Climax Grass. Craggy rock formations, etched by the persevering wind, hide secrets of conflict between the Boer and the British – Surrender Hill – 5000 Boer men, women and children left a trail of tears, eventually surrendering to the encircling British army.

This is the land of coffee cups and teacups. Over the hill and to the mountains beyond, lies the Kingdom of Lesotho. Most people in the area are quite hospitable. Farmers next to the Lesotho border unfortunately are not very friendly. You can’t blame them, as marauding cattle thieves cross the border in Lesotho, constantly attempting to steal their animals. Wild West tales of posses pursuing cattle bandits are common.

Church Bells

This morning the church bells started early. The smell of lemons and peaches drifted from an orchard behind me. I had waited five days for Nimbus to arrive. And on the sixth morning, the clouds spilled all the way down to the horizon. The thunderclouds ranged from pitch black to a light grey, with a hint of blue. Tones of white, swirling like a smoking braai, drift in-between, breaking up the tones of ash.

I waited until the sandstone hues of beiges and browns were darkening. The koppie’s naked body lay stretched out gleaming like pearls. My eyes slid over her glowing craggy breast. I was mesmerized. The sun flicked its gleaming light through narrow openings. Then click said the camera. I stayed there, paralyzed, watching for the next thirty minutes. Then the sun dipped below the horizon.

Photographing with Film

The authentic nature of photographing on film is the graining that is produced in its reproductions. However this is a genuine representation of when capturing images on a Hasselblad XPan panoramic film camera.

This Black & White Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”, was originally exhibited at Nedbank, Waterfront, Cape Town in 2012.

South Africa black and white collectors framed print 4


Collectors Print with Custom Frame: Limited Edition

Black & White printed on Ilford Baryta paper: 315 g/m² silk finish with a 1 cm white boarder around image. Complete with a Hamburgs 2 cm x 3 cm Black Stained Oak Solid Wood Frame with a 5 cm White Passe-Partout mount. Mirogard museum high quality glass. Authentication Label on back of frame with printed signature of Photographer. Authentication Certificate included.

Overall Frame Size – 69.7 cm x 35.7 cm (54 cm x 20 cm image size).

Total number of Framed Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.

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