South African Landscape #6 – Collectors Framed Limited Edition Prints

South African landscape 6 collectors framed print

Koppie | Valley of Desolation – Collectors Framed Print: Limited Edition

South African Landscape #6 – Collectors Limited Edition Framed Prints.  Black & White Photograph of craggy dolerite stone pinnacles standing in the Valley of Desolation. Part of a Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”.

About this piece

2006 – Graaf-Reinet, South Africa

Descending Fog

The road to Graaf-Reinet through Lootsberg Pass is mountainous – koppies fall away being replaced by hills with little kops. The fynbos glitters in the early morning dew. Duikers sat ever watchful under kuni bushes and Candelabra trees littered the mountainsides. Beware of the milk from this tree spilling onto your skin, as it will burn and blister, leaving you looking like a sufferer of third degree burns.

Ten kilometers from Graaf-Reinet a fog descended, surreptitiously, catching me unawares. Thick and rolling it poured down. The glutinous darkness came from all sides. I had to slow down to a few kilometers an hour. As I drove through the thick walls of grey, I was plunged into sadness – no photographs for me to take. I felt the penetrating chill of the mountains on either side of me.

Ancient Fossil-Rich Land

As I entered the Camdeboo National Park, which surrounds Graaf-Reinet the fog opened up enough for the sun to breathe. Warm sunbeams filtered through, transforming into silvery slithers on my path. I felt some hope. There were two locations I wanted to photograph. Spandaukop and the Valley of Desolation, but from where? I asked myself. Having made several attempts to capture both these beautiful landscapes, I realized that the only place was from the escarpment that overlooked the ‘Valley of Desolation’ in which Spandaukop also lies.

This ancient fossil-rich land is full of surprises. It has the largest variety of succulents found anywhere on earth – over 9000 species of plants are found in the great Karoo – three times more than the British Isles. Once dinosaurs roamed, like Sauropodomorpha, a long-necked herbivore the largest animals to have walked the earth.

Helmeted Soldiers

High above the town of Graaf-Reinet, the Valley of Desolation, stands like a Black Eagle, spreading its wings. In front of me, dolerite pinnacles stood like grey helmeted soldiers waiting for the order to stand at ease. I watched and waited on the edge of this escarpment, a meter from a sheer drop of several hundred meters that fell into blackened gloom. A reef of nimbus clouds churned across the skies and a mantle of light had slid between nimbus, sprinkling light onto the helmeted soldiers.

Photographing with Film

The authentic nature of photographing on film is the graining that is produced in its reproductions. However this is a genuine representation of when capturing images on a Hasselblad XPan panoramic film camera.

This Black & White Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”, was originally exhibited at Nedbank, Waterfront, Cape Town in 2012.

South Africa black and white collectors framed print 6


Collectors Print with Custom Frame: Limited Edition

Black & White printed on Ilford Baryta paper: 315 g/m² silk finish with a 1 cm white boarder around image. Complete with a Hamburgs 2 cm x 3 cm Black Stained Oak Solid Wood Frame with a 5cm White Passe-Partout mount. Mirogard museum high quality glass. Authentication Label on back of frame with printed signature of Photographer. Authentication Certificate included.

Overall Frame Size – 69.7 cm x 35.7 cm (54 cm x 20 cm image size).

Total number of Framed Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.

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