Deep Sea Diver Whitstable – Premium Art Prints

deep sea diver prints

Deep Sea Diver – Premium Art Prints

By Chris Page | Collection: Low Light

Deep Sea Diver – Premium Art Prints. Low light colour Photograph of Graffiti Art on railway bridge wall, Whitstable. Part of the Lockdown Photographic Collection.

About this piece

2016 – Whitstable – UK

Late Night Shopping

From out of the gloomy depths a Deep Sea Diver emerges with his bags to go late night shopping in Whitstable.

This was a shot I had been think about for a long time, but had never got around to setting myself up to take it.  However, I started to realise as the year went pass that the Graffiti Art was fading away back into the brickwork of the railway bridge.  If I was to capture our Deep Sea Diver of Whitstable I needed to get on with it before he was gone (which has now happened in 2021).

So I worked out a bit of a plan as to how going to approach the subject. Firstly, I wanted to take this in low dusk light and capture the dynamic movement of the busy traffic aways going pass. The pavement is very narrow on the bend of the road, so positioning is very limited to frame a shot.  I would need to shot in wide angle and look to use lens distortion to enhance the sweeping movement from the road.  

One Leg in the Road

The day finally came and that evening I set my tripod up with one leg in the road.  With my back to the traffic I tied to anticipate the effect as cars zoomed pass.  However, none of the shots taken was what I was after.  Then all of a sudden a double decker bus went pass my right shoulder, Click, but too late the bus was half in half out of the shot. Regardless the idea of the top deck light from the bus was exactly what I was looking for in the shot, but needing reshooting. 

I had an idea that there was a good chance that the bus may turn around at some point and come back towards me from under the bridge.  While I waited the light from the East was now moving rapidly from dusk to night, so had to keep adjusting the exposure accordingly.  Half an hour went pass and then the colours of Easten Sky started to turn in reflection of the sunset in the West.  The next moment the front of the bus reappeared on the other side of the bridge.  One shots taken as it went rushed pass, and it was all over.

deep sea diver photo prints


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Colour printed on Fuji Metallic Crystal Pearl ultraHD Paper: gloss finish with a white boarder around image. Supplied within a protective photographic sleeve.

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1# Size – 34 cm x 24 cm (overall size including a 2 cm white boarder) Image Size – 30 cm x 20 cm.

2# Size – 50 cm x 36 cm (overall size including a 3 cm white boarder) Image Size – 44 cm x 30 cm.

3# Size – 69 cm x 50 cm (overall size including a 5 cm white boarder) Image size – 59 cm x 40 cm.

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