Koppie | Dolomite Koppie Under Highveld Storm – Collectors Print: Limited Edition #02



About this piece

2005 – Gauteng – South Africa

Part of a Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”

My relationship with this dolomite koppie started in ±1985. Several years earlier I was looking for a location for Sony. At the time I thought what a fabulous place to have a lunch party. I then duly rounded up all my adventure seeking friends and over one summer made several trips with cooler boxes filled with ice, wine and other goodies up the East side. The South Africa Air Force also joined in the fun. Passing squadrons of French Mirages on seeing all the revelry, would do fly-overs of the close kind, always adding double backflips and free falls. As summer came to an end so did our koppie lunches. 

When I started this project, I thought of this Koppie. It was perfectly situated. – North facing, ideal for a morning or dusk shoot. I went and spoke to the owner of the property. He warned me that the North side was not only a breeding ground for Black Mamba’s and Spitting Cobra’s but also it was their home. Popsicles of sweat immediately flooded my body. Thank goodness we picked the East side to climb up.

This Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”, originally exhibited at Nedbank, Waterfront, Cape Town in 2012 and is now available as special limited edition print run.

The authentic effect of photographing on film is the natural film grain that is produced in its reproductions, this was intended by the photographer Mike Rossi as a genuine representation of capturing images with his Hasselblad XPan film camera.

Also available as a Limited Frame Print Edition.


Collectors Print: Limited Edition #02

Black & White printed on Ilford Baryta paper: 315 g/m² silk finish with a 2 cm white boarder around image. Authentication Label on back of print including a printed signature of the Photographer.  Supplied within a protective photographic sleeve. Authentication Certificate included with each print purchase.

This is a unframed print.

Overall Print Size – 58 cm x 24 cm (54 cm x 20 cm image size).

Total number of Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.

This is a “Bespoke” order.

Go to “Choose an Options” to select a Numbered Print from this Edition.

Please refer to the Product Guide for more information about Ilford Baryta Black & White prints.

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