Inheritance – Midnight Shop – Collectors Prints: Limited 6th Edition

Midnight Shop

Inheritance #03 | Midnight Shop

By Mike Rossi | Collection: Inheritance

Collectors Limited Edition Prints. Colour photograph of Boys up to no good at the local shop, South Africa.

About this piece

2020 – Melrose Place, South Africa

Shark in their Den

Earlier on in the day before I dropped my Rastafarian bodyguard off at the Midnight Shop, he told me that Cafe’s and Tuck Shop’s are dens of inequity, from narcotics to trade-in, in stolen goods. We arrived at his drop-off point just as it started to rain. I saw a lot of shifty faces and sidestepping furtive bodies. So I quickly picked up the camera. Their sixth sense of not being busted by the cops switched-on just after I shot the first frame. Turning towards me, like a school of Groupers discovering a shark in their den, the guilty faces swiftly scattered into their shanty environment.

All Profits Donated

OPENPAGE-Studio are donating all nett profits from the sales of “Inheritance” Collectors Prints: (Limited 6th Edition) to Save The Children.

Although these photographs are of both Children and Adults, don’t forget these Adults were once Children, and maybe the circumstances they find themselves now could have been improved in their childhood and upbringing?  This is not just a South African matter, it reaches to all corners of the world.  So we will be splitting our donations jointly between Save The Children – South Africa and Save The Children – International.

We thank the wounderful People and Children from the Informal Settlements of South Africa for participating in this project, and Mike Rossi in its creative creation.  Please give your support.

Save The Children
Midnight Shop Prints


Collectors Print: Limited 6th Edition

Colour printed on Giclee Fine Art Cotton: 215 g/m² matt finish. Printed with a 4 cm white boarder around image and mounted on 2mm white card.

Authentication Label is on back of print including a printed signature of the Photographer.  A separate Authentication Certificate is supplied with each print purchase. Supplied within a protective sleeve.

This is a unframed print.

Overall Print Size – 42 cm x 30.5 cm (34 cm x 22.5 cm image size).

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Total number of Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.

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Midnight Shop Limited Edition Prints


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