Koppie | The Road to Sun City – Collectors Framed Print: Limited Edition #03



About this piece

2005 – Gauteng, South Africa

Part of a Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”

When winter has passed, the Gauteng grasslands turns into a potential tinderbox. One careless strike of a match and all goes up in flames, and every creature inside is reduced to ash. Not nice, I said to myself standing almost neck-high in Buffalo grass looking at the aged granite koppie, spared by the mining industry, as it was probably a titch too small for their needs.

I’d made several trips to this part of the world; in fact I’d lost count how many times I’d driven from Jo’burg on a hope and prayer, searching for Nimbus. She’s famous in this region for doing a disappearing act. This part of the world is popular for the mining of kitchen tops and precious metals; you can hear the tuc-tuc-tuc of drilling when the thunder of expensive motorcars on their way to Sun City quieten down. I’d brought along sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper – whole-wheat bread, thick crumbly white cheddar cheese wrapped around a prime piece of sliced sirloin, laced with some of my homemade chutney, cos lettuce and watercress.

I stood and watched the sky darken around Nimbus white puffballs, clipped by the descending sun. Then the clatter of an aged motorcar interrupted my empty mind as it braked to a sudden halt – the dust flew up, drifting across my view, spilling into the buffalo grass plain before me. The engine’s droning continued for a few minutes, and then attempted to stop. It shuddered a few times, striving to take one more swig of fuel.

I watched a rather elderly gentleman probably in is mid seventies getting out very slowly. He was wearing a rather expensive Savannah Panama hat – wide brim, colonial style, fine quality hat and probably from Ecuador. 
All genuine panama hats are hand woven in Ecuador using Toquilla palm fibre. The rest of his attire was somewhat disjointed. From his posture he looked like a Beau Brummel, aged dandy of sorts. First was the Springbok green rugby jersey tucked into his Clam-diggers, flood-pants, highwaters, jams, pedal-pushers – there are so many names for basically a pair of three-quarter pants; held up with a loosely tied leather belt, sagging towards the knees.

He came and stood next to me, curious to see what I was looking at. His right hand held his cane forward, firmly on the bone-dry earth, while his left hand was planted on his waist. I discovered later, his cane was made from Ohio Hickory and handmade by the old order of the Amish. The handle was a polished Minto silver Hame handle. His shoes were Nike. For the next 40 minutes we stood and looked at the gathering of the nimbus clouds. The only sounds were incessant clatter of drills in the distance and chirping jar flies of the cicada family. Cicadas love heat – the hotter it gets the more spirited their singing. They can produce sounds up to 120 decibels. And at close range, it’s loud enough to cause permanent damage to your ears. Right now, however the volume is more bass, suggesting it’s the mating season.

I wondered if my silent, odd-sort-of aging dandy knew this. The next moment he spoke, “Awesome”, in a wispy gravely voice. He turned around; walked to his Mercedes, hand still on his waist, swaggering, and drove off.

This Vintage Film Collection “Shadows Over Stones”, originally exhibited at Nedbank, Waterfront, Cape Town in 2012 and is now available as special limited edition print run.

The authentic effect of photographing on film is the natural film grain that is produced in reproductions, this is an intended effect by the photographer Mike Rossi as a genuine representation of capturing images with his Hasselblad XPan.

Also available as a Limited Print only Edition.


Collectors Art Prints with Custom Frame: Limited Edition #03

Black & White printed on Ilford Baryta paper: 315 g/m² silk finish with a 1 cm white boarder around image. Complete with a Hamburgs 2 cm x 3 cm Black Stained Oak Solid Wood Frame with White Passe-Partout mount. Mirogard museum high quality glass. Authentication Label on back of frame with printed signature of Photographer. Authentication Certificate included.

Overall Frame Size – 69.7 cm x 35.7 cm (54 cm x 20 cm image size).

Total number of Framed Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.These are “Bespoke” orders.

This is a “Bespoke” order.

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Please refer to the Product Guide for more information about Ilford Baryta black & white prints and Solid Wood Frames. Other frame types, finishes, colours and mounting methods are available.  Please contact us with your bespoke requirements and we would be happy to assist in finding the right solution for you.

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