Lockdown Beach – Digital Image

covid19 lockdown beach digital image

Then & Now | Embrace – Digital Image

By Chris Page | Collection: Then & Now

Lockdown Beach – Digital Image. Colour Photograph of a “Then & Now” scene of a beach in Whitstable, in and out of Covid19 Lockdown. Part of the Lockdown Photographic Collection.

About this piece

2016 / 2020 – Whitstable – UK

Love, be mystical

as the flickering blue flame of night

as the fully-awoken moon

beneath cobwebs of passing clouds

amidst chanting high-tides

fuzzy, as my blanket

big enough to illuminate a hundred thousand billion galaxies

and just small enough to fit into my embrace.

Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence


What is really missing in these times of Coronavirus Lockdown ? I think I found it at the chanting of the low-tide, and I believe it was not a hundred thousand billion galaxies. But you decide. I just merely illuminated two flickering moments on a beach, from under my fuzzy blanket.

Covid19 Lockdown Collection

During lockdown I have been living in Whitstable; photographs taken have been during my local daily exercise walk with two cameras strapped over shoulders looking to capture a moment from these strange times. This photograph is part of the Covid19 Lockdown Collection, see the others images that make up this interesting documentary collection.


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