Herne Bay Pier Silhouette – Digital Image

Herne Bay Pier Silhouette Digital Image

Pier Silhouette – Digital Image



About this piece

2020 – Herne Bay – UK

Blown Up

At the beginning of WW2 and with the fear of a possible invasion, the British Army blew up two sections of the Herne Bay pier, between the pavilion and pier head to prevent any chance that the enemy could use it to land on British soil. The Army then closed the gaps with demountable Bailey Bridges so that the pier head could still be used by them as a landing stage. Some 38 years later, the gaps and (temporary) bridges had weakened the pier structure that eventually a storm damage it so much that it had to be finally demolished.   The pier head now sits in splendid abandoned isolation over a mile out to sea.

Estuary Mud

For a long time I had thought about taking a photograph of the pier that visually captures the two sections in one frame.  I had mentally composed the shot, but knew a number of things needed to come together to make it work; low tide, a late sun and a clear bright sky.  On a warm June evening the conditions seemed just right, so I walked out ankle deep into the estuary mud to find a position at the end of the land section of the pier to take the shot that was in my mind’s eye. 


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