About – Peter Vigar

I am 88 years; retired in 1997 as a Lecturer in the History of Art and from that time I have been much more able to fulfil the wide range of my creative interests. However, from a child I have always made things and regard myself primarily as a Maker, this characteristic is recorded in a catalogue [1950-2015, 2015 – 2017].  When I retired to the Gravesend area it carried a significance of my earlier as a student at the Gravesend Art School some 70 years ago. 

Much more recently I have benefitted from a stimulating programme of the Gravesend Art Group and the opportunity to exhibit my work whilst retaining my strict amateur status.  The usual emphasis on painting does mean only a sight opportunity to exhibit my practice in; pottery, sculpture, stained glass, modelling, construction, etc.  My long standing inspiration has been my conviction that there were goddesses before Gods, all of which gives my work in “Object Trouve’” a strong female orientation, within the context of ancient myths and history.

My infrequent visits to Margate since c 1940’s has meant that I have experienced Margate in acute decline, with Dreamland symbolic of dereliction, [I could say more]. Much more recently it has a regenerated character, even a “quarter”, and it is not only as a creative person that I am truly impressed by the foresight and energy that has bought Turner Contemporary into being.

About – STELLA

My work “Stella” (extracted from scrap metal) expresses the main drive of my art , as an “ Object Trouve’ Assemblage “ on an abiding theme of “Goddesses”.  I would like to feel that “Stella” will communicate on a mythical, symbolic level, that I have been able to transform scrap materials into something rich and ritualistically ornate.  Although essentially pre-Christian, this work could evoke the medieval illumination, the four roundels in attendance as symbolic representation of the four evangelists …..? 

My practice involves the use of tools associated with metalwork and jewellery making, involving a work bench rather than an easel.  “Stella” also represents an exploring of detail about framing, a massive outer frame, wood with metal paint, with a light weight special inner frame with suspended elements in a see-through orientation, offering the possible changes in background. 

Peter Vigar

by Peter Vigar

Shella by Peter Vigar
Turner Contemporary


by Peter Vigar

On Display now at the Turner Contemporary

Open Exhibition, Margate, Kent.UK

until 20th February 2020.

The Artist at Home

Artist Peter Vigar at home in his cottage in Kent, photographed by Chris Page during the Summer of 2021.

This intimate study of Black & White photographs is a view into the world of the artist and his work.

The Artist at Home One
The Artist at Home Two
The Artist at Home Three
The Artist at Home Four
The Artist at Home Five
The Artist at Home Six
The Artist at Home Seven
The Artist at Home Eight
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