Urban Landscape in Black and White – Digital Image

black and white landscape digital image

Subliminal Message

Urban Landscape Black & White Digital Image. Photograph of Indian Lady walking with a Submarine in the background on the River Medway.

About this piece

2016 – Medway – UK

A one shot wonder.

While photographing the submarine I saw this Indian lady walking briskly down the path towards me.  With my camera pointed downwards I pretended to be fiddling about doing some settings. Then right at the last moment as she crossed my path I raised the camera and Click!

What I was thinking is that if I had had my camera up to my face she may have stopped or moved off the path. I was after her walking at full speed as she went pass me. 

It was a cold and very windy January day with a low winter sun which lit the woman beautifully and created great shadows.  The fact that there is a flipping big Cold War Russian submarine sitting there in the picture, it began to reseed into the background.  Finally resulting in the woman and the concrete tank traps now moving forward as the prime points of interest in this urban landscape.  Although would like to say that I had worked all this out before hand, but I did not. It was just responding to the moments.


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