Urban Woodland One – Collectors Limited Edition Print

urban woodland one collectors print

Urban Woodland One – Collectors Print: Limited Edition #01

By Chris Page | Collection: Urban Woodland

Urban Woodland One – Collectors Limited Edition Prints. Black & White Photograph of a public art installation on the walls and columns of a motorway underpass.

About this piece

2020 – Radfall – UK

Going Out to Photograph Nature

During the Summer of 2020 I had a photographic project on the go with weekend treks to explore some of the many natural woodlands around Kent.  One area I had focused on was the high ground between Whitstable and Canterbury.  Located in this area is Blean Woods; split into three woodland areas with a different character to each. There was much to investigate and explore. I would take the back roads from Whitstable driving the lanes into the heart of the Blean Woods finding a spot to park-up to begin that weekends photo walk.

One thing I noticed on the drive was that my route had to cut across the Thanet Way Motorway by-pass, and it did this by driving under it rather than a bridge over. Although I was out to photograph nature, trees, flowers, wildlife and alike, I was intrigued by this concrete structure every time I whizzed pass in the car.  So I made a plan to made a dedicated trip just to photograph this Urban Woodland underpass.

Lush Green in Black & White

Cutting through the lush green Kent countryside this Motorway Underpass has become a contemporary Art Gallery, but without visitors. Is this Art in the Community or an arranged Political Appeasement to the Community for brutal effect the Civil Engineering has had on the area?  However, this location is only really seen (or not seen) by motorists speeding pass, of which I am sure there is very little recognition of the effort made.

The Urban Woodland Collection

A Collection of eight photographs exploring the tones, textures, angles and light that is created by this outside space. Also the wonder of nature and the way it has of creeping it’s way back in, despite of our human efforts with concrete to control it.

urban woodland one limited edition print


Collectors Prints: Limited Edition #01

Printed on Baryta black & white paper from Ilford; 315 g/m² silk finish with a 2 cm white boarder around image. Authentication Label on back of print, signed by Photographer.  Supplied within a protective photographic sleeve. Authentication Certificate included with each print purchase.

This is a unframed print.

Overall Print Size – 41 cm x 29 cm (37 cm x 25 cm image size).

Total number of Prints available in this Limited Edition print run – 10 off.

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