Whitstable Breakwater – Digital Image

Whitstable Breakwater Digital Image

Whitstable Breakwater – Digital Image



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2016 – Whitstable, Kent – UK

Stupid Boy

“You want get much out there today love”. That was the unsolicited pearl of wisdom that was pitched my way by an elderly lady as I assembled my camera gear from the back of the car.   “Thank you, looks perfect to me” was my reply, and with that she gave a loud tut and rise of the eyebrows.  I could imagine her muttering to herself in a Dads Army fashion “Stupid Boy”, as she went on her way.

Lovely Fog

Dense fog off the sea and a milky glow of light from the mid-day sun, hidden behind the translucent blanket the was just perfect for me.  I had been waiting for such conditions to arrive to experiment with some shots along the Whitstable beach front, and today was the day.

My enthusiasm soon and literally got dampened.  This lovely fog was so humid, as soon as it touched anything it instantly turned to water.  Within seconds me and the camera was soaked, and I had to constantly wipe down the front of the lens as the vapour clung to the exposed glass.  It was like trying to take photographs while stand under a waterfall.

Water Fight

Despite the battle with the water-water everywhere I persevered with composing shots up and down the beach.  However, after about 100 shots only two or three eventually turned out usable, all the others had been messed up with water smears over the lens.  But for me in these conditions even getting one good shot is better than none, although I still imagine being call a “Stupid Boy” when I look at all the discarded results.


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