Whitstable Seascape – Triple Framed Print Set

Whitstable Seascape triple print set

Three Locations in One – Triple Framed Print Set

By Chris Page | Theme: Seascapes

Whitstable Seascape – Three Locations in One. Triple Framed Print Set. Colour Photograph taken at sea looking towards Herne Bay, Reculver and Margate from Whitstable Bay.

About this piece

2017 – Whitstable – UK

This seascape photograph was taken as viewed from the Sailing Barge “Greta” off-shore from Whitstable Harbour.  It show three distintive landmarks that can only be seen together from this location.


The detached end of Herne Bay Pier in the centre of the photograph.

At the beginning of WW2 and with the fear of a possible invasion, the British Army blew up two sections of the Herne Bay pier, between the pavilion and pier head to prevent any chance that the enemy could use it to land on British soil. The Army then closed the gaps with demountable Bailey Bridges so that the pier head could still be used by them as a landing stage. Some 38 years later, the gaps and (temporary) bridges had weakened the pier structure that eventually a storm damage it so much that it had to be finally demolished.   The pier head now sits in splendid abandoned isolation over a mile out to sea.


The Reculver two medieval towers to the right of the photograph.

The medieval towers of the ruined church of St Mary are a relatively young 12th Century addition to Reculver.  This site dates as far back to Stone & Bronze Age times and was a major Roman Fort settlement from around 300 AD.  It was once a harbour port on the Wantsum Channel.  The Wantsum was a large body of water that separated Kent from the Isle of Thanet, sweeping from the Thames Estuary around into the English Channel.

These days the Wantsum is but a trickle of it former self due to land reclaim in the Middle Ages. In fact if it was not for a sign along side the road you would think it as now just a drainage ditch in the fields.


Not the 1960’s tower block, but the far left hand blob on the landscape which is The Turner Gallery at Margate.

Opened in 2011 the Turner Contemporary is a new addition to the area. Its name commemorates the association of the town with noted landscape painter William Turner, who went to school in Margate, and visited throughout his life.

The Gallery is part of a regeneration plan for Margate that was once a top seaside destination, brought to an end with cheap forigen package holidays and alike. However, the gallery has received valid criticism for trying to gentrify the area and not responding to the needs of the locals.  Despite this it it has attracted 1 million visitors within its first two years of opening, which can only be a good thing for Margate.

William Turner

This Limited Special Edition is printed on “William Turner” textured watercolour fine art paper by Hahnemühle.  This enhances the watercolour nature of the photograph creating a beautiful collector print that people may ask “is it a painting or a photograph”?   This image is one from a number of pieces of photographic art that makes up our Turner Watercolour Collection.

Whitstable Seascape aluminium framed print


Set of Three Framed Wall Art Prints

Colour printed on Fuji Lambda Print Crystal DP II paper with 4mm Acrylic Glass glossy covering. Mounted on Dibond with a 0.1 cm x 0.5 cm deep Silver Aluminium Slimline Frame. Sold only as a set of three individual framed prints that makes up this single photographic image order.

Each Premium Framed Art Print –  30.2 cm x 30.2 cm (image size – 30 cm x 30 cm).

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Also can be found at: www.openpage.studio

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