Whitstable Wall Art – Digital Image

Whitstabubble – Digital Image

Whitstable Wall Art. Premium Art Prints. Colour photograph of a Whitstable side street yellow wall, with graffiti art and shadows.



About this piece

2018 – Whitstable – UK

Turn a corner or go down a side road in Whitstable and you may find some Arty and Witty Graffiti on the walls. It’s not Banksy, but Whitstable’ s own CATMAN.

I was not necessarily first drawn by the “Whitstabubble” art on the wall, but was captured by how the shadows were forming on the yellow fascade.  With the two bikes propped up on the lamp post and the shopfront sun blind it has a very French feel, which I liked.


Digital Images:

For screen use only – 72 dpi – 1673 x 1326 pixels – no white boarder.

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